The 100 Year Sneakers Concept

Bluestone: Timeless Indigo Blue Gems On The Feet.

We wanted to make sneakers that could be worn for 100 years. That is the origin of Bluestone. Like the leather products of Italy, forever repaired and cherished, or luxurious Swiss watches handed down from generation to generation.

A 'sneaker for life', becoming more valued with each use and being a part of one's life story. Bidding farewell to the age of consumerism, Bluestone provides fresh surprise and bliss to those who desire items with the pure intention of never discarding them. The leather of our sneakers are made from the natural indigo dye leather 'SUKUMO Leather', dyed by expert kimono drapers of Kyoto in Japan using the traditional Awa 'sukumo', an indigo dye painstakingly made from fermented indigo leaves with 600 years of history behind it. Let our sneakers dance vividly on your feet with an indigo blue luster reminiscent of gemstones.